Samantha-JasonHi! I’m Samantha Sanderson, and along with my partner Jason Rogers we want to welcome you to

You may be wondering what this site is all about, and the reason behind its unusual name.

So let me explain…

Jason and I are professional relationship coaches and couples counselors. We’ve worked with thousands of men and women to help them enjoy the love lives they want and deserve.

We believe that trust and open communication are two of the keys to a happy relationship, and we’ve developed numerous techniques and strategies that we teach our clients to help them with these goals.

On this site,, we share some of these strategies to help you better understand “what makes men tick.” We also want to help you become a better, happier, more attractive version of yourself so that men find you enchanting and irresistible.

counselling-spaceBut why do we call this “The Penguin Method?”

Well, because penguins mate for life…

And female penguins have the power to make the mighty Emperor Penguins literally beg to be their loyal, faithful partner.

Did you know male penguins even have an adorable way of “proposing” to their sweethearts, much in the same way that a man proposes marriage to a woman?

And when they mate and have baby penguins, they work together seamlessly to care for their young, while continuing to love and care for each other.

Penguins embody the essence of faithfulness and loyalty.

Interestingly, female penguins do have a “trick” they use to mesmerize the male penguins and make them feel an overwhelming desire to commit to them.

They have a way of displaying certain behaviors that trigger powerful neurological cravings and desires inside of the male penguin’s mind.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have the same effect on men?

Well, now you can…

Because my partner Jason and I have developed a set of methods that women can use, to make men feel this same sort of irresistible need to be with them.

Read through the articles on this site, and you’ll discover many helpful tips that you can use to improve your love life immediately.

It’s our goal to help YOU find your “penguin”—a wonderful man who will cherish and adore you through good times and bad, who will always be there for you.

We also invite you to watch this free presentation that explains exactly how “The Penguin Method” works. It’s filled with powerful tips to help you transform your love life today.

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