Author: Samantha


How To Keep Your Man From Straying

It’s every woman’s worst nightmare. You’re in what you think is a faithful, committed, long term relationship with a great guy, only to find out that he’s cheating on you. It’s a huge blow to your ego, and it makes you question almost everything about yourself. Self-esteem plummets, and you spend several days moping around the house wondering what went…

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5 Things To Avoid On A First Date

So you’ve met a great man, and you’ve got a date lined up – good for you! Best of luck, and here’s hoping it is every bit as fantastic as you hope it will be. Below, you’ll find some helpful tips that will ensure it’s a success, and leads to that all-important second date. These are things you want to…

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3 Tips To Get Inside His Mind

So you see a man while you’re out somewhere, and not leaving meeting a good man to an accident of fate, you grab the bull by the horns, take some initiative, and strike up a conversation with him. Great start, but after the small talk fades (and it will, quickly at that), what’s next? How do you know if this…

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The 4 Keys To Long Term Relationship Success

Most people are pretty good at starting and forming relationships. It’s the keeping them that proves to be the tricky part. You probably know some people, and may even have some examples in your family of couples who met in school, married, and lived a life of bliss together for decades. It happens, and it may be that that’s what…

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Should You Have Sex On The First Date?

So this question comes up a lot. When is it okay to have sex on the first date? The answers is simply, “whenever you want it to be okay,” but there’s the rub. If you’re honestly looking for a long term commitment, then sex on the first date is a nonstarter for a number of reasons. Primarily though, it’s that…

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